Selasa, 06 Mei 2008

setting indosat by time

bagi rekan-rekan semua yang menggunakan indosat baik mentari, IM3 yang pengen main internetan tapi belum tahu setting by time nya ini nih saya kasih
username : indosat@durasi
password : indosat@durasi
tarifnya murah buangeet lho cm 100,- /menit apalgi kalo pakai 3G walah cuepet buanget lho malah. yo wiss rekan-rekan semua selamat mencoba deh yah

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Dr. Difayana mengatakan...

Dear Dr. Seno

Ass, nice to meet u again. I was read your testimoni, thats great and good job. We are the man who need profesionalism that when we treat a patient and should do the best for patient. You will meet more then cases in clinic, but remember Allah. SWT always help us. By the way, the information that you was send in your blog about Indosat, it can make best choice for our that we can prefer the provider to use this conection. When will you send me ACLS photograph in Semarang ?? Im waiting it until now, sorry to use english language, cause need to remainding its. ok dont forget to send it. Always renew your blog and give more information in it.ok doctor see u next time, wasalam.